Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Tom Ford men’s fall 2018

WARNING! Get those depends ready boys and girls... and let the moaning and oohing and aaahing begin…. Fawners to the right and fashion victims to the left and gullible in the center!!

 Let’s talk about those over exaggerated  breast plate 70s lapels... the knife crease skinny pants and the shark skin like shiny suits that, if I’m not mistaken Italo Zucchelli did that look for  Calvin Klein a few years ago. So my question is where’s the beef? It all looks so tired and if not for the flood of hype that surrounds this collection you might notice that the same jacket is done in different fabrics over and over and over... not to mention of course that there really aint much here that’s very distinctive other than the price tag and the brand. Some might even remember that they threw away suits and jackets with those dated lapels


Okay  I will  admit that the tiger/zebra print jackets looked mighty fab and the python puffer was amazing along with the python print shirt but alas not much happened in between novelty jackets and a couple of animal prints. Can we talk about  hard crease in skinny pants?

Never let it be said that Mr. Ford is not one of the savviest marketers around hence a finale of a gaggle of youthful pulchritude in underwear with the crotches hiked up to show off their goods. Need attention? Show crotch!  Check Instagram …. Those boys have huge followings despite what the reality is or even if there is “truth in advertising!” ….. Let’s call it orchestrated distraction!

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