Monday, July 1, 2013

Christian Dior Haute Couture fall 2013

The prevailing modus operandi for aging brands is to modernize…. Got it! The problem being is why bother, just plough the money into a new brand like Berluti and let the good times roll.  The big problem with Dior is that they have chosen to continue their Haute Couture which now takes them and the present designer into rarefied air.

Christian Dior, in its many incarnations was always about elegance,  refinement and chic not to mention precision built garments especially when it concerns the Haute Couture.  This has held true no matter the designer, whether it was Dior, YSL, Bohan, Ferre or Galliano, and now we are faced with a designer who is unable to navigate the waters of Haute Couture with any skill set or experience.  The Dior ateliers are amongst the most prestigious and enviable in the world which are only second to those of Chanel and all their acquisitions.

With all this being said, WTF is Raf Simons thinking here with a collection that looks like that?? Explain it … and please don’t try to interest me with all that hooey and space and time and crap that bears no relevance to what can only be construed as a design school project gone wrong...huh?? Huh?? Tell me!  Let the paid critics like T.B. spend 3/4s or more of their reviews explaining the design philosophy and inspiration of a collection when in the end the result is the same...ugly clothes!!! .. and now they are quadruple and more the price.

Mr. Simons needs a guardian angel or guidance counselor, if you will, to help him carve a path that adheres to the DNA of the house...genuinely, and by that I mean not stretching the strand of DNA until is invisible, and then they can plot a proper course of action…. Yes men need not apply!
There are countless designers in today’s world of fashion who deliver clean modern and refined clothes without all the gimmicks and these same designers would give their eye teeth to be able to have the resources of a Dior couture at their fingertips.

It is no surprise in today’s world of fashion that models have been criticized for being too  thin and underfed and now that has spread across the gender lines.  Then, explain to me how Mr. Simons has made these size 2s into looking like they need to miss a meal rather than needing a cheeseburger!  One can only point to the heavy handedness of the ill-conceived collection and gimmicks which will go under the guise of “oh it’s  the New Dior”… my ass …. It is the Bad Ugly Dior …as assessed by any sighted person!

In Mr. Simons’ defense there were about maybe 10 pieces which would qualify as mediocre Dior but then again, if one judges by the company they keep...these few odd styles are masterpieces!

The powers that be will let this go on for a while but the dawn will come and the designer of the moment will be history and a new victim will be selected...hopefully one with more chops and more experience than Raf!

P.S. under arm muffin is not pretty on any woman bur certainly not at this price!

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