Monday, July 1, 2013

Atelier Versace Haute Couture fall 2013

AAAAAAAAAAAAnd we are off and running!!!! Welcome to Paris and Haute Couture Fall 2013

Here are some musings direct from the horse’s mouth... no pun intended…. “To go back to real glamour,”, “that black-and-white era,”, “where everything [was perfect]. The photography was perfect. The lighting was perfect, the hair was perfect, the makeup was perfect. It was all always to perfection.”

Well they may have been the words of “Donatellamommamia” but one just can’t be sure what she was referring to as one can hardly make the connect with  the presentation of Sunday evening’s Haute Couture presentation.  Atelier Versace held no surprises and a lot of the usual over top, labor and time intensive embellishments and not much design power.


The collection was an ode to the Cher of her television and Bob Mackie days and then Ms. Versace decided to revisit the hook and eye era which graced runways decades ago … I can’t seem to pinpoint the who and where but it happened.  Bare midriffs seem to be de rigeur as are bra tops and the swaths of soufflé have become a signature of the house which she seems to have perfected with this collection.


So, getting down to the nitty gritty of it all: cat suits will be fabulous “under Burka wear,” mink lined croco coats perfect for St. Petersburg winters, bare midriffs with turtle neck long sleeve tops perfect for J Lo and Beyondme and then there were a few wearable albeit questionable suits and dresses with the hook and eye details or shall one say theme.

The sum up is this; there have been far more collections of more questionable taste than this one  and despite all the razzle dazzle visuals and attention grabbing elements, it was business as usual chez Versace … yawn!  One can only assume that mother Russia, the Far and Middle East and a smattering of Euros still depend on “Donatellamommamia” for their personal moments of high drama at stratospheric prices!

PS… Nai on the runway…yawn!

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