Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Harbingers of Design… Steven Oo

The Harbingers of Design… Steven Oo

This series spotlights global innovators who are original, known, lesser known and some perchance even already highly regarded and respected within their areas of expertise.  The common thread is style and fashion; whether it takes its form in interiors, apparel, accessories, retail, photography or any of the related professions that surround fashion and style.  Please note that some of my “cast members” have chosen to follow a path than includes utilizing the “tools” of the past thereby rendering a new and modern vision for today’s climate of fashion and style. These “createurs” are at the vanguard of design and style … in my opinion, of course

Today in the blistering heat of New York City this writer was reminded that true, original and astounding talent lives!!!  Years ago Steven Oo came to my attention very soon after his graduation from the Academy of Art University in san Francisco and he has never left my sight… and with good reason.  There is a word that comes to mind, and it is a word that is not tossed around lightly on my pages and that word is BRILLIANT!

This is all about talent meeting technology in the most creative way possible.  This is about vision and believing that there are no limits and that everything can be done.  The proof is here and even in oven like heat, one cannot resist in touching and fondling the most precious of cashmere which has taken the form of knitwear that we have not yet seen in this millennium… or for that matter in the last one either!  In very plain simple terms... these is not Granny’s knit one, purl 2 and drop a stitch!!!

Have a look and let me know what you think!!!!

P.S. you might  want to conjure the spirits of John Ashpool and Laura Biagiotti

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