Saturday, July 6, 2013


The design team of Seven Loy and Franck Ford have successfully engineered and navigated first, a clubwear collection in Europe followed by a highly successful contemporary brand and now UNIFORM UNION since 2012. 

These designers have focused their concerted and considerable talents to achieve what can only be deemed as an innovative and “couture-like” collection. Uniform Union is the rare marriage of ready to wear combined with some of the most revered practices and respected elements of genuine couture.

Simply said, this translates to up to 40 hours of hand sewing on select pieces.  Loy and Ford feel that it would be disrespectful to say they make couture garments despite the amount of hand work; their thinking being that rather than boast of it, they would prefer to remain discreet about their manufacture process and be respected for their impeccable product.

Their sensibilities lie with those of European fashion but with a decidedly distinctive American esthetic in order to yield an unrivaled and exceptional piece of fashion that is MADE IN AMERICA.

 Uniform Union delivers exactly what their customers demand of them … perfection: we deliver …. Hardcore, yet, elegant and classic fashion! 

In their own words: We work like tailors for a Queen and her kingdom except our Queen is every woman and the kingdom is our growing network of luxury retailers who sell our collection.

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