Friday, July 5, 2013

Zuhair Murad.. fall 2013 Haute Couture ...

To say that the Fall Haute couture collection is flashy is like saying Bill Gates has a few bucks!  Moving on from that point, Mr. Murad’s clothes are not for he shy and retiring types but for those who demand attention … some in a good way and well … some, not!

The clothes demand a body that is close to perfect, but then again, being Haute couture, these clothes can be made to fit any body type, the question is “How will they look?”  At any rate, these clothes are red carpet worthy, stage ready and starring role ready!  There is little wonder that for years now he has been creating a stage wardrobe for J Lo

The interesting thing about Mr. Murad’s work is that within the flash of it all, there are beautiful dresses and suits of great delicacy as well as pieces that might find their way into almost any lady’s wardrobe, provided she has the means and she MUST like beads!  The simpler pieces, and I said SIMPLER, not SIMPLE, are quite feminine and far more discreet than many of the gowns and certainly more than the cat suits which J Lo seems to prefer.

Apparently, there was a secret memo passed around when designers were preparing their collections and that was to ponder the theme of coral branches which appeared in both couture and resort collections.  Mr. Murad seems to have taken it a step further to include tree branches and turned it into a major sub theme for  beading and embroidery and just about any way you can imagine;  Again, some, more successfully than others in their particular renderings.

What was most distracting from he overall presentation were the pieces that were supposed to look futuristic but came off as being very 80s rather than very 21st century.  There was no need to broaden the scope of the collection with style like that.  Then,  we need to discuss the shoulder pads… aye or nay?

The take away here , is that these clothes are not for the faint of heart and reside more on the side of “look at me” than they do on the side of discreet luxury.  Between him and Mr. Saab, they can keep the beaders of the world busy for decades to come!  Raf will be sending a note scolding them about their old world ways……… meh!  This is what makes haute couture such an adventure!

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