Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Harbingers of Design... Vito Emanuele NEW YORK

This series will spotlight global innovators who are original, known, lesser known and some perchance even already highly regarded and respected within their areas of expertise.  The common thread is style and fashion; whether it takes its form in interiors, apparel, accessories, retail, photography or any of the related professions that surround fashion and style.  

There is a cry often heard when walking through stores full of women’s apparel and that is “there is nothing here I want” or “I can’t find a dress to wear for …”  it is for these reasons that women are turning to made to measure designers rather than scoping out still another uninteresting retail emporium.

Vito Emanuele cut his chops at Halston while working side by side with the late designer.  In a matter of speaking, Mr. Emanuele has carried the torch into the 21st century ever since starting his own business.  In my estimation, Vito Emanuele is a one stop shop fest for the sartorially inclined. 
His collections, which run parallel to Haute Couture rather than ready to wear, are made up of clothes for real women who prefer to dress in flattering, tasteful and chic garments that are made with the same care, skill and detail as the great couturiers of Paris.  Most women, regardless of age have an Achilles heel when it comes to their bodies and many many times it’s their arms that drive them to distraction.  I defy any female shopper to walk the floors of any top shelf retailer and find 5 dresses that have sleeves, and that is with no regard to price or look.

The scenario above is a reason for the growing popularity of bespoke wardrobing for women.  For a designer such as Mr. Emanuele, it is a god send that the “flavors of the week” or month do not heed the call of their actual clients but only those of their ideal or imaginary customers.  Media and magazines no longer trumpet clothes that are wearable but rather the clothes that are designed by those who represent the lion’s share of advertising or who are under the thrall of a certain editor!  Enter Mr. Emanuele!!

In the end, would you rather buy a dress that you settle for and pay top dollar or do you want a dress you love and adore and cherish?  If there is no joy in shopping then why bother??

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