Sunday, June 30, 2013

Saint Laurent spring men's 2014

Just when you think things couldn’t get any worse here comes Hedi!
Here’s, the deal, there are tons of jackets and hopefully some real pants as opposed to second skin tights like runway pants.  If the samples shown the run are of commercial size then anyone above a size 40 is S.O.L.

The roach picker shoes are almost comical as is Mr. Slimane’s vision which borders on comic strip like if not just plain absurd.  Unless of course he was going for the John Travolta, Vinny Barbarino look.  Let’s now step back to look at the pants or better referred to as legwear as most grown men will not be jamming their legs into these.  The slicked back punkish hair and the greasy bandana certainly all make a pretty picture of some strung out anorexic boy who can afford to wear $5000 worth of clothes to look like a street urchin! We can also point out that there is nothing attractive about pants pulled up to high and cinched at the waist.

One more time, H&M, Zara and forever 21 must be wringing their collective hands to start their spring production based on these ever so tasteful pieces of fine European fashion.
Kering and Mr. Slimane can pat each other on the back for destroying one of the most revered, legendary and iconic brands of the 20th century.  Mr. Berge, I dare you to say this is very YSL and if you do, you deserve never to join him.   

If the whole production wasn’t so insulting, it would be absolutely comical.

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