Thursday, June 27, 2013

Balenciaga & Walter Van Beirendonck ...spring men's 2014

This all about contrasts, what happens when designers design, what happens when being low key turns into a disadvantage rather than advantage and lastly we see what happens when a  brand wants to be uber trendoidal and shots itself in the foot!

On any given day, the untrained and maybe even the trained fashion eye would not detect that Balenciaga men’s Spring 2014 really had a designer.  There is a price you pay in trying to be too cool. A bigger price is paid when your color palette and clothes obliterate whatever message you are trying to deliver.  In essence, the clothes are far too simple or intrinsically simple to make any sort of impression other than … so what!  Just another pile of too slick, too unassuming and supposedly too trendy clothes is what was shown.  By the way, be under 40 and less than a size 40 and maybe you can find something that draws no attention to you and but you can say “oh! It’s Balenciaga!” … as if!

On the flip side is Walter Van Beirendonck who is certainly an acquired taste, but in my opinion a far more exciting designer/brand.  Actually the clothes are dynamic and exciting and okay, not for everyone.  The fact is that these are clothes for the dyed in the wool; fashion is my life type of client.  Nonetheless, the clothes are beautiful, the palette is exciting and most of all they are a signature that belongs to the designer. WVB is not one to follow the flock and when he seizes a trend, he gives it the Van Beirendonck treatment.  He is a designer’s designer who has a sense of humor and a sense of fashion that few possess.  The colors, the prints, the shapes, all are modern and distinctively WVB and how many can speak to that assessment?

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