Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Christiian Siriano resort 2014

 Dear Chrissy,
Even though I was not a fan of yours from project Runway, I hate those mind numbing shows, I have been keeping my eye on you ever since.  Kudos to you kiddo, your collection has been evolving and is really coming into its own.  I know I have a reputation of being one big beeotch but that’s the price I pay for being honest so, when I actually do pay you a compliment, I mean it.

So sweetie, the clothes look just beautiful for resort.  You really covered all the bases from commercial, read salable, I know this is like a dirty word but I mean it in the most loving way. The clothes seem to give your customer trend and style and a certain level of chic without being overpowering, overbearing or too over the top.  I can see ladies wanting these clothes and wearing them and even though other designers get a lot of press for their unworthy collections, you deserve some attention as well.

So I am just crazed for your colors and your take on color blocking.  It so all works together as whole.  The evening looks are especially beautiful and viable and simple without ever being bland. Another big plus was your choice and models and the simplicity with which you showed ... loved, just loved those zebra striped shoes and they WORKED!

While I am on the subject, congratulations to you for not trying to be some kind of social and keeping your head down and seemingly very serious about building your reputation as a serious designer and not some sort of left over entertainment freak who came from TV land.  The sort of behavior you now show adds to the gravitas of the brand and the clothes which will only work to your advantage in the long run.
So, now the trick of it remains the future, I say that if you stay on this trajectory and keep delivering clothes that are made well, fit and actually sell... well then, you can truly become the designer you aspire to be. are only as good as you last collection!!

So little one, at some point we should take a coffee together so I might know you better and gain some insight into your “design head.”  Let’s try to do that soon hon.. been a pleasure.. Kiss kiss ciao


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