Sunday, June 30, 2013

Hermes men's spring 2014

When one already possesses the world’s most discerning customers, a brand no longer must compete; all they need to do is evolve.  And, this would be the story of Hermes who showed the world of men’s fashion that men can be wildly tasteful without any gimmicks, sight gags or screaming patterns or colors.

Ms. Nichanian displayed a collection filled with the confidence, of hers and her customers, that reads like a Pulitzer Prize piece of journalism.  The elegantly tasteful and discreet seasonal offering provides enough options for men of any age … and I am sure plenty of women as well … who, if they can afford it, will fill their wardrobes with it.

Ms. Nichanian creates a train of thought that, maybe, we need more women designing men’s collections!  She massaged the trends added nuance and the end result was so under the radar chic and slick that one needs to ask ….why does everyone else try so hard when it is this easy?

Even the “genetic” Hermes prints were incorporated in ways that are so toned down as that they may have gone undetected … and that kids is nuance and brilliant!  Yes, slim is in but look at how this is done, look at the pant length, the evocative nature of every look, the overall elegance all of it totals to a way of life rather than just an outfit.

From shoes to knits to scarves to an out of the blue coverall to the giant linen Birkin, no stone has been left unturned and rakish sophistication ruled the day … blessedly so!

P.S.  and imagine this .. only a pair of shorts and only one bare chest to achieve an end result that most would “kill for”

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