Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Michael Kors resort 2014

 Dear Mikey,
I am always reminded of the curly blonde headed mop top bee bopping around the dance floor at Studio 54 when I see your collections; it is an indelible image especially now that you are a mega power house in the word of fashion and not the window dresser from Lothar’s on 57th street.  Ahhh...   what once was… but I digress so here goes …

Well MK I am thinking that you have done better and that you have done worse but sometimes so so is just not enough.  Yes, the clothes are pretty and yes they are wearable but honey, talk about not setting the world on fire... this is barely a spark.  Yeah yeah I know you have leopard and giraffe, always favorites of mine, but if you don’t mind me telling you, just a deux, they look sort of common and cheap.  You are so much better than that and then there is this color blocking theme you seem to have picked up which , now dear,  I say this in the kindest and most loving  way I know how, that stuff looks heavy handed.

Arghhhhhhhh, I don’t really want to sound negative but listen kiddo stand back and have a look at this collection; it almost looks as though there are 2 seasons/collections working simultaneously here and not in a good way.  Now I know you love all this project Runway crap that you do but why resort, pun intended, to cheap tricks like the pant lengths which are just so “Zoe-bot” (thank you MK L.A.).  really now, you are smarter and classier than that bimbo and know your way around the business so why do stuff like that?

Honeybee, I hope you are not offended by my honesty but I really expect more from you than most of the others and even though I am trying very hard to say that there is your usual casual chic here, I just can’t seem to find it.  There were a few and I stress... A FEW very chic slick outfits but for the most part doll face it is a yawn and some... well, downright meh!

Well pet, hopefully we can have a summer cosmo at some watering hole in town this summer but until then... love ya to death see you soon.. Kiss kiss


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