Monday, June 24, 2013

Prada men's spring 2014

Dear Miuccia,
Yawning, oh excuse me signora, that was just I am tired and, oh yes, it was a commentary as well!

Do you ever get tired of intellectualizing about the ugly clothes you show?  I mean it all kitschy and sort of cute in a very thrift store sort of way but really, who cares?  Okay so you riffed on mukluks and you did all these high power prints but so what.  I especially think the satin looks will be a big hit as they just scream $1 a mile polyester or acetate which is so refreshingly cool for the warmer climes.

I will say this, your editors sure do drink your Kool Aid as they can spend 90% of a review speaking about your so called design inspiration and philosophy and never really get around to the fact that the clothes are a joke!  Then, of course there were those who talked about the baseball like shirt jackets which were once called “shirtjacs” but that would never come up in conversation as you also invented thread and clothes.

I gotta hand it to you Miuccia, you sure did brainwash an audience with the drivel you dole out and all this self-effacing “I hate fashion” crap, but then again, who’s a jillionaire? … Not me!  Actually, this is just another boring collection to fill racks and be fed upon by cloying fashion victims who will scream FIERCE and FABULOUS all around the world.  All this from a black nylon bag … that’s impressive.

So my dear, once more time I can say these are the emperor’s new clothes and feel 100% justified in doing … so but oh the ennui!

See ya around, I would ask about a coffee but frankly, I am not in need of some lecture on all the blah blah blah that you seem to think is important.

Till next season

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