Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Donna Karan resort 2014

Dear Donna,

I have been breathless just to tell you what I thought of the latest collection… Resort 2014.  I always say that when you do it right it and usually it’s great or borders on it.  I am so happy that you gave up those heinous tribal prints, over worked wraps and drapes and those awful sack like things you usually pass off as Resort.  This is so much better but after seeing you last night at the CFDA, you might want to reconsider if this collection was “made” with you in mind.

So, honeybee, did you find some new brand of ganja or is it your yoga master… I know you little devil you .. you found a sweet young thing to play with?  Well doll, whatever it is you need to keep doing it as the collection was so you.. Well you, when you are on top of your game.  My biggest criticism is that you got a little crazy when it came to those 70’s disco handkerchief hems; yes I do happen to like them but a little variation can be a good thing.  I know we all get twisted up in an idea or concept but I am sure you must employ a few people who can reason with you when things get out of hand...well, as I write this, it is obvious, based on some past stinkers...no you don’t!  So. Pass on that thought!

Loving the simple graphic quality of the collection, the unobtrusive prints and your mix of hard and soft.  Doesn’t matter if it is not late breaking news, it looks great, even some of the draped dresses which have a habit of being a bit de trop!  You hit the right balance in the collection.  There is a great ease and softness to the overall collection which is very refreshing coming from you doll!

So listen Donna, all I am saying is whatever kool aid you are drinking these days...keep drinking it because the end result is nothing but good.  Granted the clothes are a far cry from “however many easy pieces” but this time around you are champ!  Ya think you can stay on course for Spring?

Now, with all this being said, let’s hook up for a snack in Southampton or whatever Main street out there very soon and maybe share a doobie and giggle about Babs and Bernie.. They are such characters those two.

 Love you lots, kiss kiss, ciao for now

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