Thursday, June 27, 2013

Raf Simons spring men's 2014

Spin it any way you want but the end result is the same, Raf Simons sent out what might equate to one long drag show or what I wore when I want to be operationally short of being a woman.

The fact that the jumpers/tank dresses/ onesies had a 1 inch inseam does not exactly qualify them as menswear and that goes for the skirts/shorts and the rest of this ill-conceived collection.  Maybe Raf believes that a one inch inseam will prevent one’s junk from falling out when seated!  Similar looks have been done before with greater skill by many other designers.

The printed tunic/t-shirts/ tops are one step away from being product endorsement tee shirts but I am sure that fashion victims from around the world will be clamoring to own pieces from this collection.  For me, a collection like this doesn’t not speak to the supposedly god like stature of this designer.  If there is anything that can be gleaned from these clothes it is that he is either trying too hard or WTF are you thinking here?

The take away here is that Zara, H&M and Forever 21 must be overjoyed that they can use this collection with such inspirational ease!  As for the other retailers, good luck finding enough fashion freaks to wear and afford the clothes that designers seem to think are missing from a man’s closet this season.

Well, if nothing else, maybe, Marc Jacobs will start to wear Raf’s clothes as he is a coworker/colleague and maybe he gets a friends and family discount from the mother ship LVMH!

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