Sunday, June 16, 2013

Giambattist Valli resort 2014

Giamba baby,

Love the look book, like the clothes, love the color and love the crispness of the collection for resort.  I am not so sure Edie Beale was an influence as much as maybe Princess Lee was in telling you about her wackadoodle auntie.  There seemed to be a fair amount of “Lee” looks in the grouping.

Per mei, the coloration is so wonderfully clean and uncomplicated as are the shapes; so much of what you see is what you get and that means no tricks no gimmicks… just clothes…. What a concept!

Now, Giamba, don’t get your pearls in a twist but the trendoidal Birkenstocks are only amusing the first 5 times you use them and then, well, it is annoying especially since all the heels are so desperately chic.  The handbags, how shall I say this? ...  well, they really didn’t do much for the collection and other than the woven raffia/straw,  they were all sort of meh! And, the Gucciesque florals… not necessary a bit too a la!

I like the idea that if you subtract the pants from under the dresses/tunics, the collection grows exponentially especially when they all work so beautifully with just a solid colored top.  While  this collection was not groundbreaking, it has all the elements of strong sell through and your ladies will just eat it up … minus all the head wraps which might be confused with Middle Eastern  head coverings and thus making them very P I! A hijab or chador is not exactly fashion fare these days.

So, Giamba baby, let’s do a cappuccino next time you are in town and maybe do some pearl shopping at Mikimoto … ciao... ciao … baci baci .. See you soon!

Moi …………………. Love to Lee

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