Sunday, June 23, 2013

Bottega Veneta by Tomas Maier spring 2014

 Dear Tom,

 I know I am not the most faithful of fans but I always look and I am always happily surprised when you hit the mark and this season you hit it out of the park.  I really love this collection, even if your clothes are not for the financially challenged, they sure do look rich and chic and you sure found a way to show off the skills of your factories.

The tailoring aspect is with little competition; it is impeccable and flawless in design and execution.  The “chalk marking” is just wonderful if looked at as a technical feat as well as displaying a rare sense of humor.  I was just loving so much of that whether on a suit, outerwear or shirt, I am in love.

The suede shirts/sweaters were just exquisite; you could see the suppleness and light weight quality as well as, again, almost unrivaled workmanship that goes into the making of these pieces.  Then we go to the knitwear which is also beyond the pale. A lot of it had a graphic quality to it and yet my favorite was the “confetti cable” which reminded me of confetti due to the seemingly random knitting of the cables and the loose stitches revealing the white from the underpinnings… whew!

Kudos to you on this whole edging, graphic and tongue in cheek attitude of the collection and while parts were amusing, it was never ever a joke.  It is only when one revisits the photos, it is then  that one realizes that many times you “chalk out” the details on a top or jacket and then later on render it in reality with all the same details ..Brilliant indeed!

So Tom, it was real really fabulous and even the pants looked great without any gimmicks except for the self-belt.  What I love about these kinds of collections from you is that when I like them, I really love them as you just hammer it home with great ease and such a wonderful display of what luxury top tier clothes should be.  

So maybe next time you are in NYC we have a coffee and chat... ciao ciao, kiss kiss... and again it was just wonderful!


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