Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Etro men's spring 2014

Etro has never been a collection that EVERYONE loves.  It is certainly an acquired taste but anyone who cannot appreciate the beauty, art and craft that is Etro should not even be allowed to critique it in any way.  Kean Etro has taken all the DNA that is Etro and created his own Spaghetti Western for the Spring 2014 Men’s collection and you can tell this is not his first time at the rodeo.

Mr. Etro has thrown all caution to the wind and provided a full balls out version of a western inspired collection, albeit it leans a bit heavy on the Viva Zapata (Google it) side of westerns but who cares when you end up with clothes that look as good  as this and all dosed with heavy machismo, swagger and eroticism.


From tooled and printed leathers to over the top metal embellishments to sombreros to western shirts to cowboy  boots, this collection will fulfill any Gary Cooper cowboy fantasy as well as stand out amongst its colleagues as being a collection that does not follow the flock… YAY!  One must assess that this is as what happens when designers design and successfully pull off a themed collection.

Imagine a collection that is steamingly sexy and not a pair of calves, biceps or pectorals in sight… well, so maybe some pecs but only a peek.  This is the kind of thing that women’s designers strive for... a collection that is deemed sexy and yet there are no thigh grazing hems and plunging necklines and no need to sky high heels.  Bravo Kean Etro!


Of special note were the embroidered passementerie pieces, especially over pin stripes and the paisley leather shirt and the wildly opulent metal work used as closures, tuxedo stripes and on scarves.  Okay, so if you haven’t noticed, this aint for everyone whether you examine it on a taste basis and most certainly not on a retail price but hell... this is what runway shows are supposed to do … amaze and astound and inspire and not to make the viewer shake their head in disbelief and think WTF!

I’ll take my ETRO to go please!

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