Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Zac Posen resort 2014

My Darling Zac boy,

I am very proud of you child for showing the world that you indeed can make another style dress other than the hourglass or mermaid silhouette with fishtail back.  Now kiddo, don’t get me wrong this was not a groundbreaking collection but maybe, just maybe  if you quit thinking how great you are and start thinking that you need to FINALLY build your business… MAYBE, I repeat maybe, you’ve got a shot.  Keep in mind, don’t think you are not a star because you got some ink about your business because it really shows you off as the media whore and party boy that you are and not as a serious creative force.

For some reason when I was looking at the presentation these words came to mind when sane by the late Otis Redding: I may get weary …Women do get weary … Wearing the same shabby dress  … But to one who's weary … Try a little tenderness. If you don’t know who he is that may be part of the problem as you didn’t invent fashion nor did todays singers invent music.  Instead of “tenderness” you tried a new dress!  I know you think Charles James is a worthy resource for your “inspirations” but some of us have longer memories than others.

So listen doll, yes the collection finally looks better with some variety in shapes and fabrics and varying degrees of softness and structure but you know once again some references, like Madame Gres might have appeared a bit obvious and literal to some.  I was hoping you might have done more with the tweeds as they had a sort of daytime sexy vibe going on but nooooooooooo, you went right back to what you always do.  The prints were a nice change let alone a welcomed one.  By the way, just so you don’t think I a total bitch, I loved loved the orchid georgette and a few of the other georgette pieces that were NOT your usual bill of fare as they showed  a much less sex kitten vibe and a more grown sophisticated look.

Lastly, my dear boy, one can only construe that using Patty C and daughter as your models for the look book is yet still one more attention grabbing ploy for media coverage.  I may not be PC’s greatest fan but she does liven up the clothes and she certainly looks fabulous despite being photoshopped to look the same age as her daughter.  Honey, this is the kind of stuff that holds you back from being considered a serious designer.  If you want to be held up to the greats, then start behaving like one and quit being so “royal” if you catch my drift!

So…………. Precious, when do we get to have a drinkipoo together?? I am longing to hear some dish of which you are always so well fueled with and let’s get silly...a bottle of champers ... my treat and we are off!! 

Let me know when you can escape…. Kiss kiss... ciao ciao and big hug

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