Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Giorgio Armani spring men's 2014

So can we talk for just a moment about this man and the collections he shows?  Giorgio Armani is a designer who gets it, who knows his customer and who delivers collections that usually cover all the bases and are as chic and stylish as they are dependable for their retail performance.  No, these are not collections that are going to set the fashion world on fire but, as in this seasonal offering,  they will ignite lust and great admiration.

The Spring 2014 men’s collection oozes swagger, style, soigne and just about any other tasteful adjective I can think of.  Mr. Armani incorporates trends into his collections but what he does with the trend is modify it and jiggle it to make it suit his needs and eye!  Take for instance the shorter pant length... we get to see it in the exaggerated almost mid-calf in other collections and then to Armani’s just hitting the underside of the ankle or the slim fit abbreviated suit jackets which in most collections look shrunken and ill-fitting while here they are tweaked to look just as described.. Slimmer, shorter and younger!

N U A N C E!!

Armani is a tailor of that there is no doubt or question but he really tilts the scales when it comes to outerwear/jackets and accessories and color palette.  How can a seasoned fashionphile not love the delft like espadrilles or the worldly palette or the fact that the show was orchestrated on models who look to be “the ideal” rather than the customer waiting to grow into the clothes.  If one really really tears it apart, there is a great similarity between Ralph Lauren and Armani as they keep refining and redefining the DNA of their particular brands. And 99% of the time it looks pretty damned fabulous!

In the end... this is about as good as it gets for men who don’t want to look like clowns or fashion victims.  There are many other collections to choose from but it is usually a piece here and a piece there, but here, this is a head to toe and top to bottom approach that few can compete with!

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