Thursday, June 20, 2013

Maxime Simoens resort 2014

Dear Max,

 Just had a look at the slides for resort and all I can say is fabuleux!  I really loved it a lot.  I have been watching you ever since you designed the collections for Leonard and I knew that once LVMH had focused on you that there would be a formidable future and so it seems to be true.  You have a very pure esthetic that shines through in the total presentation of the collection.  I think this will go a long way to take you to a long career.

Now, don’t get “tres fou” as the collection is good, not great and certainly not flawless.  You have managed to employ some nuance as well pounding in of a point.  You have the hard line geometric and graphic qualities and yet when we get to evening there is an ethereal type of softness that suddenly appears.  I like the soft and the hard and the balance will eventually find its way to each collection…I hope!  The tailoring segments are just beautiful as well.  I like the shapeliness of the collection as it is not too too severe; just requires a good body but then again what collection doesn’t these days?  He lean bold simple palette works very well for you here

I know that you are building your DNA and this is great but please don’t start drinking the Kool Aid and please follow what you believe in and not all what other designers of the present to influence you i.e. Prada etc.  Yes, I know the path become that much more difficult but how wonderful it can be to be called refreshing and to be referred to as a designer’s designer.

Before I dash off, I want to say that the clothes are also very appealing at the retail level as they offer choices all with your distinctive touch... tu comprends?

Anyway mon chere... a toute a l’heure... hope to see when you are in NYC… ciao ciao... bisous and kiss kiss... a coffee peutetre??


PS... next time, skip the shorts and the hats and maybe ditch the platform shoes..

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