Monday, June 17, 2013

Valentino resort 2014

Resort 2014
Dear Maria and Pierpaolo,

So kids... ragazzi... WTF are you thinking here?  This collection looks like Missy, Muffie and Mopsey go to either convent school, preppy sleep away camp or some porno fantasy boarding school.  I am so disturbed by the models and the clothes that I am not sure I can properly tell you what I am thinking.

There is some sort of little girl playing dress up or fairy tale quality about the collection which is reinforced by the odd proportions of almost EVERYTHING, almost as if she is outgrown the clothes she tries on or is too old to be wearing some of it!  The palette is very appealing and it is too bad that the color can’t make up for the design of the collection.

You seem to also have some sort of monastic fascination which throws me every season.  Valentino is not a collection for little girls; it is supposed to be a collection for those WOMEN who wish to dress in a chic and stylish manner.  Yes, yes, I know there is an incredible amount of workmanship involved in this huge collection but hell...who cares when it looks like this?

On a minor but fleeting positive note, the camo trench is great, the leopard bag is great and some of the laces are just wonderful but the strange far outweighs the collection’s assets.  Shall I point out the “cheap as free lunch” looking yellow fur camo wrap which looks like some nightmare from Forever21? … Or the mini pastel 2 pieces looks which can double as doll clothes?? And really…riding boots!

I am sorry that Signor Garavani must see what you do even though he seemingly gives his seal of approval.  My take is that he is just happy the names continues and why get agitated as he is wildly rich and his legacy continues despite its flaws.

And no! I can’t even look you two in the eyes and have a cappuccino... not until you wise up... so ciao ciao and baci baci kids!

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