Thursday, June 6, 2013

Zoe..Krakoff..Schouler resort 2014

Dear group,
I will address each of you at some point separately but there are a few generalities that can be shared amongst yourselves like WTF are you thinking with these collections?  I, for one, really don’t have enough imagination to even think of what’s on your collective minds.

First let’s tackle the Rache!  I finally had an epiphany about this so called collection and that was... it should be hanging next to Jessica Simpson in whatever department that may be and in whatever store would have it.  The RZ collection is hardly worthy of anything that even remotely approaches a designer department.  I am done on that; there aint nothing worth wasting my breath on here.

Now, Reed baby, I know you are trying desperately hard to build yourself into a designer brand and distance yourself from Coach beginnings but hell, WTF are you thinking here?  The collection looks like it was designed by Jenna Lyons for Jenna Lyons, slumped shoulders and all.  I know you want everyone to think about all the luxe techniques and materials except there is this one overriding issue that needs to be addressed... the clothes are butt ugly!

Now the boys of the moment, Proenza Schouler, what’s with you two?  Every season you change your design ethic and direction.  Every season you can’t decide which other designer you want to “inspire” you... what’s with that? Your clients are in love with you not your product as there is really nothing distinctive about your product no matter what he CFDA may think.  You guys have no DNA, no look, no have a name.  I wonder how long AR will put up with this before he throws your collective asses out the door and hires a designer(s) whose clothes sell …just using your name which I would be willing to bet he owns!

So, kids, sorry to be so brutal about it but c’mon … think about what you are doing and the way you are expressing yourselves.  There needs to be some integrity which all of you seem to be void of but … really now.  And no, I really don’t want to even have a coffee with any of you until something is resolved here.

Until then... I remain

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