Friday, June 7, 2013

Ralph Lauren resort 2014 New York Collections

Dear Ralphie,

How lovely to see you on a runway for resort!  I get the impression Ralph was that your heart wasn’t in this one or that maybe you really were in merchant mode here and decided to fill the racks with clothes that were more basic and seasonless given the long shelf life they must endure.  Listen, I am not saying the clothes weren’t beautiful but I am saying they were a bit, how can I say delicately …  blah!

But… I gotta hand it to you, even with a less than stellar collection, you show beautiful wearable and salable clothes that women will want and buy.  Yes, you sure managed to get that sort of French, adagio, Capezio, balletomane, dancer vibe going on quite literally from the “tap like “shoes to the beret.  Leotards and layering and wrap skirts and tights all over the place and yet somehow you managed to splice in some  great LBD’s and some perfect long black gowns that can hang in ones wardrobe for years and years and never go out of style.

Even when you pare things down to what I will call “basics,” your collections are always wearable... well I will take it even a step further, fashionably commercial always tinged with chic and elan.  Okay, granted, some seasons more than others, yet your signatures appear every season no matter what.  Ralph, you are a master at this by now and I am pretty sure most designers want to drink your Kool Aid; they just can’t find the right recipe.

Anyway, did I love it? no… did I hate it? … Certainly not!!  I think I have always come to expect fabulous and stellar so when you give less, I am disappointed.  This emotion gives way to the reason when I examine the possible motives behind delivering a collection such as this one.  They all can’t be BRAVO and standing ovations but then again they don’t have to be. Do they?

Coffee sometime?  Maybe you and Ricky? Something very simple...let’s touch base soon

Your adoring fan

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