Saturday, June 15, 2013

Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci ..resort 2014

Dear Ricky,

I hope it is okay that I call you Ricky, KK told me it would be fine as she said you were BFF’s and since I was like family, it would be okay for me too!

So, Ricky, even though you have eviscerated the original DNA of what Hubert Givenchy had built into a major fashion brand, you continue to turn out collections that astound me!  Unfortunately, for you, I really don’t mean that as a compliment.  I must say that you did accomplish something that is wondrous and that would be that you made Joan Smalls look fat; amazing stuff … n’est ce pas?

Cheri, I thought the white pieces were pretty in a very sort of simplistic way and when you layered dresses over the pants, well, it got clumsy.  Then there were those paper bag waists with dropped waist seaming and tied waists with bell shaped flares and odd pairings and oh Ricky...quel mess!

I suppose it is to be expected that when any designer chooses some rag doll as inspiration, the only result can be ... how shall I say this? …. Oh yes, less than fabulous.  As far as technique, the tailleurs were beautifully executed; the “trench” pieces just wonderful and the denims were pretty great but instead of putting it all together and getting wonderful, one got “oh well, just another Tisci/Givenchy collection.”

Yes, the color palette was beautiful but not memorable and the prints were appealing but not memorable.  If one considers the source this was a better than the usual outing for you... at least there was no proliferation of tee shorts and shorts and wildly unwearable clothes.  

Ricky, I am happy you found a home but I am sorry that you took a venerable name and brand and turned into some editorial fantasy collection that caters to mostly fashion victims rather than the soigne and raffine!

A bientot!! Maybe a café avec you and KK and maybe even the baby daddy …. Entre nous... Is it true about you and him?? kiss kiss … bisous


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