Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Temperley London resort 2014

Dear Alice,

The new resort collection is so beautiful. You always have a way of showing your clothes so that they have maximum appeal.  I couldn’t shake being reminded of Mrs. Herrera or Mr. de la Renta, even though I know they didn’t  invent that drop waist skirt, which by the way, you used quite deftly with maximum impact.

I am just loving the palette and fabrics except of course for the last pieces which were a bit too menopausal in coloration but appealing to so many… just not my cup of tea!  The new less is more rendering of the collection suits you but I miss some of the beautiful embroideries and embellishments that you have made part of your brand’s DNA.

My biggest gripe with you Alice is that roll neck loose turtleneck which I find so so unappealing... it always looks like the neckline that just could not make up its mind what it should be.  I really like the casualness of the collection, the ease of fit and just the general mien of the collection.

It wasn’t your most exciting collection but I think that the collection will absolutely resonate with your customers of every age and as we know, the client base is not all made of 20 and 30 somethings.  You keep doing what you are doing as it proves that you are much more than just a one shot wonder in the business of fashion.  I think Kate will be wearing a few of these pieces once the pregnancy is a memory and she is certainly a great “show piece” for your brand.

So Alice... a spot of tea some time would be lovely...hope to see you soon my dear... ta ta and cheerio and all that …caio ciao  and kiss kiss



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