Sunday, June 23, 2013

Salvatore Ferragamo spring 2014 men's by Massimiliano Giornetti

Dear Massi,

Just saw the collection and it was beautiful in so many ways.  I know you have been exploring lots of techno fabrics and skewing the collection a bit younger but I really do miss some of the swagger that it had in previous collections.

Anyway, love the colors and the ease of the clothes, everything sort of looked it just sat on the body without really touching you … sort of gliding over you which is a good thing.  You sure did make a statement with the full shorts but I know there will be pants to match when the collection hits the stores.  Just loved that little knee detail you used in the pants and I also noticed the underlying nautical theme that seeped through with all the anoraks and parkas.

Then I just adored the number theme you used in everything from intarsia sweaters to the large weekend bags; sort of reminded of me of design exercises we had to do in college using numbers and letters.  Anyway it worked so well and it was such an integrated design element rather than just the number itself.

You even managed to get the point across that even though there is some youthful casualness in the collection, there is also the precise tailoring that the house has now incorporated into its DNA.  Honestly though, I was not crazy about the footwear and it is too bad there were no leather pieces in the brilliant shades you used.  I did, however, love the checkerboard quilting theme that seems to recur throughout the collection whether it be in outerwear or sweaters.

I would be remiss in not singling out a few out the shorter outerwear pieces with asymmetrical closures and grommets.  There was also one pull over shirt style that was just spectacular with its deep vee.

So Mass, I am back again as a fan; we all know I am not easy to please but I always have great faith in your and your design chops.   So maybe a cappuccino when you are next in NYC... anyway... ciao, ciao …baci baci... see ya soon


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