Friday, June 28, 2013

Kaufmanfranco resort 2014

Many may not have heard of the designers but they have been on my radar since they were assistants at Bob Mackie in the 80s.  These guys do their fair share of red carpet, albeit without much fanfare, and have been a retail staple for years but the collections have never really coalesced for me, that is until now.

Kaufmanfranco offered up a clean, refined, chic, classy and relatively unembellished collection that screams American designer collection.  A great deal of the collection apparently in n a 4 ply silk type fabric which is always appealing and the collection might be renamed as a no frills, no gimmicks and no games kind display.  Refreshingly simply in ways that brink you back to when clothes were for real women and not some idealized 20 something with a trust fund and no taste.

With minor missteps these 2 have delivered some of the best evening pieces of the season and some very HOT daytime suedes that rank with the best of them!  Please don’t think that their past collections have ever been distasteful or unattractive; it is more that this collection spoke to me in a way that the past collections haven’t … simple as that.  The color palette is divinely restrained and they are one of the few brands to ever have me regard green a beautiful and flattering … just a personal thing of mine.

What is upsetting to me is that the collection will not garner much ink but in my opinion it deserves headline status for standing out from the “trying too hard to be trendy” crowd and exemplifying the best aspects of American/New York collections.  Too bad the media only rewards those who talk and talk and talk about their ugly collection as if the words will make the clothes beautiful.  Here there are no words necessary … only the visual!  Kudos to you guys!

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