Monday, June 17, 2013

U N I F O R M UNION resort 2014

Dear Seven and Franck,

 I just had to tell you both  that the new Resort collection is such a breath of fresh air, especially when you consider all that is out there.  I may be a little late to the party in becoming a fan of the collection but you guys have convinced me that I should have been paying more attention.

Now, don’t be getting all pumped up here with my compliments because as we know my opinion can change in a heartbeat …  but so far so good … well pretty freakin good to be more explicit.  I love the way you use lace which has always been such an iffy fabrication as when most designers use it because  it either looks like a shroud or a wedding dress but you manage to make it young and fresh and that is no easy feat.   You also manage to get some vintage vibe going on with those capelets and all the beadwork …  this is all good as the collection never looks like it was found in Granny’s trunk and never looks tired.

You boys did a wonder with the addition of  color as it really enlivens the collection and I was just crazy for that “camo” and the bronze brocades that you used in the mini one button reefer coats … so chic!  I have fallen in love with all this as I am a sucker for fab tailoring and hand work and you sure got me when I looked inside and saw the impeccable finishing that is sure to become a signature of the collection.

As a “veteran of the wars,” meaning the fashion business, I can say that you guys have brought back the  art of fashion combined with a youthful style and your own brand of easy to wear chic… how refreshing to not be comparing you to anything I have seen.  I have always said that designers should design and you 2 have certainly proven that when it is masterfully done, the end result shows that originality and that real design will conquer all else.

So, “LoyandFord,” I am hoping to have a coffee with you guys at some point in September when you are in town showing Spring. I so look forward to the new collection to see what surprises you will have created and be witness to what new ground you will break in terms of design and creativity.  Really... kudos to you both... bisous, beijos... kiss kiss and congratulations... see you soon


PS ... Thanks bundles for inviting me to the shoot

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