Friday, June 7, 2013

Jason Wu resort 2014

Dear Jason doll,

Well I think you keep getting better and better; mind you this is not a stellar collection but it sure is beautiful on many levels.  There are 2 things that I need to tell you before I get to the specifics and they are I really don’t like that shoe... at all and it is that length; it just doesn’t do much for most ladies unless they are 5’10 and  taller and even then it is iffy at best.

Honey, I just love the tropics, frond flora vibe you got going on especially since you chose to lay to the more “natural” color palette rather than the screaming Hawaiian shirt variety.  The result is so friggin chic and understated.  I was just queer for that leaf green shawl collared bathrobe coat and that cropped toggle coat with the wide leather banding at the hem.  I just love how you worked those leaves/frond into almost everything and it so worked.  On the deficit side, you might have gone a bit overboard with the bare midriff thing; I know you have a lot of younger women but public tummy exposure is not always acceptable other an at the beach and yes I know it’s resort!

Okay so listen to me here about evening... I get the whole transparent thing but kiddo... enough... it cheapens who you are and what you do … I am hoping you ship those babies lined or else I fear they will be show pieces only or loaners for the media starved.  Oddly, I get some kind of Gilda vibe and I am not sure why but somehow I can see Rita Hayworth crooning Put the Blame on Mame or Amado Mio. 

Sorry, I digress there for a minute but back to resort...kudos to you... she is a beauty …not your very best but plenty to think of as beautiful.
Champers soon? Just a deux... something local, chic and quiet... kiss kiss ciao ciao

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