Saturday, June 8, 2013

Versace resort 2014

Ciao Belissima,

So listen, Donatella baby, I gotta tell you that no one stands in your way when you want to eviscerate all the rules.  Sweetie pie, there is a problem with that; first you have to really know and learn them before you break them and blow them to smithereens!  Honeybee, I loved the colors but let me tell you that even though it wasn’t your intention, or at least I don’t think  it was, the whole shebang looked a bit retro rather than forward thinking.  For me I kept seeing kitchenettes of the 50’s and 60s or well, something kitschy rather than remotely chic which of course is never your intention... is it?

Toots, you better tell your design team that they really need to dig deeper if they want to reinterpret designs from those who have left,  Giorgio Sant D’Angelo (see pic in slideshow).  I know it is hard to believe but some of us have a resume longer than the last 2 seasons and we still have all our powers of recall and mental faculties despite our advancing age.  Tsk tsk tsk!


If you think that by using a nautical theme, I use those words in the loosest sense possible, like sailor pants will remind us all of the ever popular theme for resort … well guess again doll.  This barely on the hip low slung “sailor pants” does not signal resort, just one more fashiony kind of eccentricity of yours. 

On the plus side, yes there were some VERY sexy dresses despite their origins and one could still see the impeccable tailoring that has become part of the Versace DNA.  Alas, carissime, one is still distracted by the abbreviated proportions and the over the top “look at me” factor that you are so proud of.

So listen blondie, you keep at it, you do get it  right sometimes, you just need to get it right more often  and you know …dial it down a notch or 2 ….not to 2 or 3 but like to 8 instead 10!  I am guessing that your focus is very Russian these days and maybe even Chinese although I think Asia is bored with you by now and they are a bit prim for your outrageously tight and provocative clothes.

So dolcezza, a cappuccino soon in NYC?... divino…  baci, baci …ciao, ciao

Con tutto il mio amore


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