Friday, June 21, 2013

London mens spring 2014

To Whom It May Concern;

This is to inform you that while London has always been the fashion incubator city, this season it has now approached or rather ran to reach the finish line which is absurdity!  WTF are you people thinking?
I understand that many designers are not really designing for the co called “top Tier” client but hell this stuff aint cheap and the client base didn’t die once they hit 35 and that’s being generous.  Yes, I am fully aware that much of what you see is for impact but I am not quite sure that these shows/teasers will attract clients.  Here’s a very brief rundown of what I saw … take it for what it’s worth...

Chris Bailey, Burberry ... So yeah I get it...color is key for Spring and yeah there are some cute tops and cute outerwear and so what?  I guess the Burberry client just can rout around for anything brightly colored, sort of like a goat does, and just throw it together for a look provided you wear high water pants, glasses and a skinny tie

Sarah Burton, Alexander McQueen, while I am great fan of you and the brand, WTF was that?  Yeah I get it...tailoring extraordinaire, exquisite workmanship and unbelievable fabrics and then there is this slight matter that there is nothing for real human beings to wear... well at least those who don’t want to look like Alfalfa ( look it up ) and wear Mary Jane shoes.  I mean girl get a grip... and talk about “dearly” priced!!

Richard Nicoll … did you think no one would make the connect to old Givenchy?

Christopher Kane … sort of like a lesson in string art, psychedelic string art at that, mixed with a phrenological twist... if that’s what you are into.

Richard James... is someone I have always associated with brilliant color combinations and clear brights and this season he chose to go pastel with only brightness at the much for that as... can we talk about bland and unexciting... and yes it is very very wearable.

Tom Ford… you are my favorite whipping post as I always get to relive my past when I look at your collections.  You remind me of all the clothes I trashed about 30 years ago.  I am still waiting for the original thought that will inhabit one of your collections.  My demise might come sooner than that event!

JW Anderson … I think your collaboration with Donatellamama was no coincidence as you seem to want to make men into  drag queens albeit of the more discreet variety... you see what I am getting at here?  I have to say that halter tops for men join the ranks of tube tops for men which were shown several years ago… a sweeping trend!! NOT!

Meadham Kirschhoff … I guess it is about fashion freaks... nuff said here!  Dresses and fetishistic school boys and why am I reminded of prophylactics here?

E.Tautz … so you think culottes and dinner jackets are a trend as long as they are worn with satin espadrilles... all I can say is ..Good luck with that …


PS...Hoping Milan and Paris provide something that MIGHT sell … rather than instant markdowns!

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