Friday, June 28, 2013

Givenchy men's spring 2014

Just when you think the high water of mark of absurdity has been reached….

Yes. So we all know that “Ricky” likes to tie jackets around a models waist and then it becomes part of the whole look!  Well, Looky, Looky… the circus has come to town complete with new wardrobes for all the clowns to wear in Spring 2014.

In a collection best suited for the cast of Big Bang Theory who really might consider it a bit too gimmicky, Mr. Tisci reaches a new nadir or what might be more commonly referred to as the bottom of the barrel.  WTF is he thinking?  My guess is that EVERY fashion victim in the world is breathless to own another $1000 tee shirt to be worn with super hero tights and some graphic super hero shorts over the tights and jeez……. Kapow! ….NOT!  Nothing more than gratuitous shock value….

What a sad day it is to know that Monsieur Givenchy is still alive and cognizant enough to be witness to and aware of what has happened to this fabled and legendary brand. I am sure that the powers that be at KERING are deliriously happy with it all but soon the end will come and Ricky one note will be out on his ass designing post maternity clothes for the KK clan of klassless...oops I can’t finish the aliteration!

No doubt, the collection will be lauded as genius and beyond “fierce” but this reviewer would rather be executed and silenced than follow the flock on this one.  This is an affront to anyone who has a fashion history as well as anyone who has an iota of common sense when it comes to appeal, sales and...Well... fashion!

Judge for yourself as more verbiage would certainly be beating the dead horse that died ages ago!

PS..  Zara, H&M and Forever 21 must be dancing in the streets this season

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