Friday, June 14, 2013

Emanuel Ungaro by Fausto Puglisi .. resort 2014

Dear Fausto,

Ciao bello, WTF are you thinking here with this collection? Huh? 

I mean, really Fausto, this I not a way to bolster your reputation by creating a collection that barely contains any resemblance to its roots and really bastardizing the brand in the name of self-promotion.

Like, yeah I can see you used the prince des galles pattern which Monsieur Ungaro used with such a deft and skilled hand; the same goes for his dots and his sense of color but you, YOU… what were you thinking here with this pile of stuff.  Ungaro was, yes, a bit flashy, a bit trashy and always showy but hell, it never looked like Addidas does Forever 21.  I mean really now, a freakin apron as theme... very Ungaro...very chic... very stupid!

I need to ask this so here goes... do you know how to “ruche” drape not fold the fabric, were you on some sort of meds when you examined the archives.. What would possess anyone to come up with this idea that this collection is anything other than laughable or just plain absurd? varsity jackets .. no way !

What complicates matters even more is that even if one takes it out of context without a brand name, the clothes don’t mean a thing...nada... niente, zip!  You won’t be the flavor of the month if you keep this up for much longer!

I can go on but I am so saddened by what you showed that anymore would be just beating the dead horse... maybe next time you will do better...that is…if there is a next time!


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