Thursday, June 27, 2013

Antonio Berardi resort 2014

Let’s start out by saying that the dress that threw a klieg light onto Berardi,  the one Gwynnie wore last April,  certainly wasn’t the best representation of this designer’s work. One would have to assess she sure got the short end of the sartorial stick by wearing it albeit the attention was world class.

Sorry to digress, the Resort 2014 collection displays a designer who has a specific vision laced with very specific influences as well as being in possession of a deft hand when it comes to realizing his designs.   The clothes display an edge and crispness that is at times most appealing and yet might be off putting to some.  The Vasarely inspiration is beautifully rendered as are the other prints except that the florals appear to be a bit Fallish in coloration and might be construed as matronly.

The clothes are anything but relaxed except in rare instances but to my eye, this is a great asset, as the harder edge is visually attractive to the eye.  The workmanship is beautiful, the fit very close to the body and impeccable.  A note here, the clothes are not for everyone, these are clothes for the body and  fashion conscious and  for those whose everyday life might include workout clothes, a gym membership and a yoga mat.

The dresses are beautifully rendered and the pant looks appear to be more extreme in their appeal.  Looks of note are the white lace like and embroidered pants with jacket, the idea of the floating georgette top w/ pant or skirt and the more classic suitings as well as the “demi” peplum top.  The gowns and shorter, dressier pieces are surely the most body conscious and sexy without ever being as blatant as the Gwynnie dress which appears to have been a great misstep in this designer’s career or possibly one of the greater media ploys ever used by a designer!  There are plenty of red carpet worthy pieces here as well for those who want to be noticed and are either genetically blessed or work very hard to stay in fighting shape.

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