Monday, July 7, 2014

Dior .. Haute Couture fall 2014/5

Raf -- Raf – Raf -- I have to hand it to you; if the Wang couldn’t turn haute couture into contemporary sportswear you decided to take up the cause. What are you smoking? I am sure there is some blah blah blah about all your esoteric theories and reasons as to why you decided to add to grease monkey coveralls to the vocabulary of the Haute Couture and why you think paratrooper pants and zippers are essential to the couture wardrobe but I am not buying what you are selling. As for you re-defining the couture, I find that you are denigrating it much more. The fawners and pundits will just wet themselves over this one.

To my eye Raffie seems to be rather confused as to what season he just showed as much of it is very summerlike and then there are a slew of coats and jackets which were the high point of the presentation as I will keep saying that Raf has no clue about what a woman wears and why when it comes to a dress. Back to the coats again which many were variations of the classic Dior jackets and then there were simple bathrobe or cardigan styles which surely could be considered generic at best. Some of the embroidered edged styles were beautiful but so not anything to do with Dior or the presentation as a whole unless one says that flowers are the theme in the loosest possible sense. I JUST HAD AN EPIPHANY AND THAT WAS this segment of the collection.. the coats and jackets etc; might as well be Victor Joris for Cuddle-coat.. google it!!

Let’s address the 16 year old virginal girls that modelled with scrubbed faces and black shoes. Why? Surely they did nothing for the clothes but then again the only thing that might have been beneficial to most of it is a bon fire. Many of the pieces look tortured and odd as Raffie has a propensity for thinking that women are flat ……… everywhere! Then there were several shapeless pieces with unflattering hem lengths and of course how can I omit the notice of his scalloped hemlines and peplums. One really must question if this man was ever at a fitting or in a dressing room with a woman let alone ever selling a dress to a client. Clearly he has some issue to deal with when it comes to women. My other biggest issue is if Raffie has any clue about what the Dior archive is all about let alone what the ateliers are capable of.

Must I really go on here as even I am getting bored talking about it. So in the end I will let Suzy Muchless and Blah  Blah Banks rave until they experience  sexual nirvana but as for me .. Well I take my coffee light and I’ll have a croissant with it. Next!!!!

PS.. without the name Dior next to his,  Raffie is a just a talentless gnome ..ooopsy!!  that just slipped out!

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