Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Elie Saab Haute Couture fall 2014/5

Elie Saab delivers! True to his DNA and true to the precepts and foundations of the haute couture, he just gets it! Season after season, even if you think it might be get boring, it doesn’t. He just has a way to keep you rapt in his story. This season features the story of Degradé or Ombré which is a carryover from the last show where the last exit was a spectacular shaded gown.

Mr. Saab can be considered among those designers who design as every season he finds new styles and variations to accommodate his silhouettes and he is forever exploring the patterning of his beading techniques. This evolution and newness is what keeps him looking fresh  and I have to guess it is what keeps his ladies coming back season after season.

Make no mistake these are not supermarket clothes or even dinner clothes; these are gowns and dresses for those moments when a simple black dress just won’t do. What I find so intriguing about them is that they have the most incredible lightness to them; they never look heavy or forced which compounded with they never looks like a walking klieg light. They are pure and unadulterated glamour taken to the nth degree.

The Saab repertoire continues to grow and while his daywear usually only appears in his ready to wear collections; one has the feeling that some of these day time will soon be appearing in the Haute Couture segment of his design world. It is the reverse approach of what used be when Haute Couture was the laboratory or launch pad.

What is also interesting is that the palette he uses this season, in the hands of most other designers, the range would yield or lean toward the matronly but in the hands of Saab the color range is warm and inviting. I am not a fan of that pinky beige but even I am won over with most of it. The blue grey is just so tasty and chic and oddly, it is the black that sort of looks out of place here.

In the end these are very expensive clothes that look like very expensive clothes that are worn by women who can afford the tariff and understand what it means to be whisperingly glamourous rather than bull horn look at me over the top trash!