Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Valentino Haute Couture fall 2014/5

Here is my conundrum. When these 2 jokers were leaving the forum, do you supposed they bumped into Donatellamommamia who was there for her men’s or do you think they found the sign that said Zero Mostel was here?

Rather than examine this so called couture collection let’s make a few things clear right off the bat. The collections are all starting to look the same, they can’t deicide if they want nuns or sluts, this monastic shtick is wearing very very thin as is the vestal virgin image. The of course we have these these friggin million dollar clothes that are appliqued still one more just as the last couture and the last men’s and women’s ready to wear. Actually there was something new here today and that was as if they ran through some old villas or chateaus and yanked some tapestries off the walls for some more fetching creations. Last but not least there is this sheer thing they seem to be addicted to; you wanna talk about tired, you wanna talk about been there done that and when will it ever pass those skulls that sheer does equate or translate to young rather in their instance to peignoirs and Roman costume epic costumes or Greek Goddesses waiting to be slain or a shepherdess a la vintage Jean Simmons? Epiphany!! Togas, Maria von Trapp, Nuns, Hookers.. me thinks there are some issues that need to be resolved!

f you haven’t guessed Madame Muchless will catch a case of the vapors from it and Blah Blah will weave a tale as long as Roman history before the birth of Christ and in the end it is still a pile of nothing clothes that play out as overdone and understated to the point of ennui!

Done … finito… basta...

PS..I really did like about 5 pieces but hell that’s hardly a statement

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