Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Andrew Gn .. Resort 2015

Well, well, I guess if you wait long enough you get to see it all and such was the case for the resort collection of Andrew Gn. What I was waiting for was a collection that was long of color, long on looks that look “couture-ish,”  and OH MY... reality sets in... It is well merchandised and designed to sell! The only collection that comes to mind as a just comparison is Giambattista Valli who seems to share a mindset as well as an esthetic.

Well,  As anyone who follows Mr. Gn, you come to expect his trademarks which are extremely well conceived and rendered clothes, exquisite delicate details, shape, the polish and soigne usually associated with the haute couture. This season is no different. He gives us a riot of color possibilities, beautiful clean edges, a variety of shapes and he has invited us all to his garden party! And in the tradition of resorts gone by . .. he offers a healthy dose of spectator looks done a la Gn!

There are a variety of shapes which suggest a variety of clients but make no mistake that for the most part. A waistline is essential. While most of collection is silhouette conscious, one must be keenly aware that he has included shapes that are quite figure friendly as well. Some of the shapes are familiar and some are just astoundingly beautiful in their simplicity. One silhouette which looks fresh is that Enfanta shape that shows up a few times in both long and short.

What is quite different about this collection is that Mr. Gn has deftly played colors against each other, employs a large print palette and shows a great array of options for any particular look. He has certainly played out asymmetry with a deft hand and in many possibilities. There is an apple green suede draped jacket that is just heaven and the floral appliques are what one would imagine if they had just floated onto the garments. In essence, what I am trying to say is that Gn has an incredibly light touch no matter the style.

I cannot imagine what this man would be capable of if given the tools to create Haute Couture but in the meantime, this is head and shoulders above the ocean of sameness that continues within fashion.

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