Saturday, February 14, 2015

Alexander Wang NYFW Fall 2015

Stop the presses!! Alert the media!!  Oh wait that’s already happened!

Another season and another black collection and another shapeless, silly me too collection by the crown prince of neoprene and cargo pants. Actually, there is a new angle in today’s presentation and that is … the collection bears some odd relation to another crown prince of non-design... Monsieur Hedi! …. imagine that! I know it is hard to believe. Ooh, almost forgot toss in some JPG ( a real designer)  as well!

Well, let’s see, there is the contrast of shades of blacks, the overuse of still more studs or actually toilet chain aka shot chain aka ball chain, the cross breed mukluk cum Doc marten platform boots... well of course of it is fall.. And then there are the models that look like they haven’t bathed in a week or two. Mix it all together and what have you got... well either it is a hint of what is to come for Balenciaga or just one more ho hum collection for his model friends to parade around in. Too harsh? My bad??  Who cares??  Oops, forgot to mention the clumsiness of it all BUT just in case you were losing interest, there are some transparent maille dresses at the end so the media can have more to chat up or single out. In the end you get some Goth punk fantasy!

Wait !! In my rush, I forgot to mention the chain fringe, lumber jack plaids and Aram sweaters, all done over and over again by others,  but imagine what it must cost be to look this bad and wear retread designs!

In the end you might ask yourself this when he takes his victory lap ….  why is this man smiling or maybe smirking? The answer might just be …. well I did it again .. fooled em one more time!

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