Monday, February 16, 2015

Carolina Herrera .. fall 2015 .. NYFW

adjective fash·ion·able \ˈfash-nə-bəl, ˈfa-shə-nə-\ ……… currently popular …… dressing and acting in a way that is currently popular

Full Definition of FASHIONABLE ….. conforming to the custom, fashion, or established mode ….  of or relating to the world of fashion

According to Merriam Webster, Carolina Herrera is not a fashionable collection! If you consider that this collection is actually designed rather than referenced or regurgitated and that this collection does not follow or conform... hence Carolina is not fashionable!

My reaction is BRAVO! Whether or not it is to my liking is really not the issue here but that she and her design team have developed is a signature that is uniquely hers. She has come a long way from when she was dubbed “our lady of the sleeves” from none other than John Fairchild.

The clothes retain a precision of craft as well as a distinct vision for how she would like her women to dress for day or evening. It is at all times luxe and polished but with a very artisanal/artsy touch. There is great technique involved and she has become a sort of principessa of prints using them each season to assist in the delivery of her message.

To my eye, some of the clothes seem over worked if not over designed but again, that does not make them bad. The fabrications are original and have become part of her vocabulary and DNA. She is no longer searching for her look and she is no longer searching for a customer as so many are at this date in their careers. There is something to be said for independence, tenacity and again great confidence.

One last time, please go back to the beginning and re-read the definitions and tell me who is and is not fashionable!

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