Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Naeem Khan Fall 2015..

Here is a change of pace ... a designer who instead of offering his inspirations and so called motivation for designing a collection, Naeem Khan says thank you to the artisans and craftsmen who have enabled him to remain in business and create his own vocabulary and DNA for the last decade. In essence this is celebration ... how refreshing!

One might be forced to say … what a wonderful party it was as every imaginable type of artisan is saluted... from hand painters, to beaders, to embroiderers, to tailors, to dressmakers and everyone in between. Mr. Khan though well know and probably most readily associated with ornamented/embroidered/beaded dresses and gowns showed  a deft hand with several Madame Grès  inspired dégradé gowns as well as either a hat tip to Halston or possibly Balenciaga. To say that the collection was a smorgasbord of delights is an understatement. If there was anything missing it might have been what would be classified as dinner dresses or cocktail dresses.

There were wonderful beaded twin sets and boleros as well as plunge neck jumpsuits and even tails! This was a collection for every one of his clients and then some … well that’s provided you are a fan of these very special pieces. If you are into The Row, chances are this is not your first choice for after 5 dressing.

Okay here is a WARNING... some of this language may not be suitable for fawners, groupies or uneducated bloggers or critics……

The collection is well merchandised... wildly salable and speaks to the clientele that has afforded him a successful business for this past decade. Each piece is part of the Naeem Khan DNA and each style speaks in the vocabulary of the designer. All subjects that are clearly missing or verboten when discussing any collection .. That’s a lot of dirty talk!

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