Saturday, February 21, 2015

Tom Ford fall 2015

Okay, Cheerio … Wotcha … or Ay-up … to all … and London has officially begun….
Tom Ford kicks off London by showing in LA with his typical bravura and as usual there isn’t too much to back up all the hoopla and hype. Let’s just say that this season he has calmed his boobie fetish and at least covered them but if one wants to talk about variations on a theme... well then you have come to the right place.

Amazing as it is, Mr. Ford seems to think that he can build a collection with a peplum top, very Ungaro 80’s, and whip that top into a  frenzy by adding fringe to it, changing the neckline, short skirt, long skirt, dress with 3 tiers, dress with 4 tiers, straight sleeve , ruffle cuff and I’m pretty sure even more than that. If the variations are not enough then you can opt for one of the fabric mixes he offers in these same silhouettes.

Let’s talk about macramé. Yes you recall that, or maybe you don’t if your resume starts in 1990 or so. To give you a quick synopsis, macramé was employed in everything from plant holders to clothing and everything in between during the height of the 70s. Yes, it was a primary source of distinction when it came to accessories as seen here some 40 years later. The fact is, it was too artsy for my taste then and it that hasn’t changed.

Then there was patchwork denim, a minor ode to Mugler and Montana with the fringe and cardigan suit and then those shoulder pads in the suit and the dress. I’m guessing he figured no one would notice. Moving right along we get to the sort of Peter Max’ish, Josef Albers, op art, Marimekko, Design Research kind of graphics that inhabited or infiltrated everything from home décor to fine art. Add leopard and fur to the mix and there you have it!!

Rather than blather on and on about the obvious, let’s just say that the collection was... yes... designed and more reality based than his last forays, that he does manage to make extravagantly expensive clothes look very cheap, that this was surely no great shakes despite all the attention it will get for no good reason thank god we won’t have to look at pasties on the red carpet tomorrow night.. Well not owing to him anyway.

In the end it is just a YAWN! Must be hell working those thrift stores and flea markets ….

PS.. I want to see the woman who goes out to dinner wearing that macramé skirt.. when she stands up her ass will still be sitting

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