Sunday, February 15, 2015

Christian Siriano ... Fall 12015 ... NYFW

Here’s the deal, the kid has talent. What bugs me is who is whispering his ear that tells him those freaking dust busters (Celine? Chloe? Whoever it was, that did those ugly things the first) are right for this collection. If you want to show a grown up classy collection that exudes good taste and shows off you’re your talents, then you gotta lose the gimmicks and that includes the platform shoes as well!

Yes, it is a collection in the true sense for day clothes t cocktail to evening which is a rarity in these times but Siriano gets lost with some very clumsy fabric choices and then some very ungainly shapes and proportions. There is no question that below the knee offends my eyes but that length also ages most women not to mention makes them look shorter and squatter.

In my mind, what needs to happen is that there needs to be an editor and maybe a merchandiser who can lead the designer on a path that will show off his talents to their greatest advantage and make less of his shortcomings whether it be lengths, fabric, silhouettes or even some less than flattering designs.
Within the collection there are odes to Balenciaga,  de la Renta and many more like Trigere, (you may need to google if your resume is only 20 minutes long)  but all that can be forgiven because if this young man plays his cards right he can be the next generation’s Blass or de la Renta. He can be a well-respected and revered designer if he can forgo the Project Runway schticks and theatrics! There are some wonderful evening gowns and cocktails clothes and we already know he can do day clothes as he has done it before.

The real question remains... Can he take a more realistic classic look at fashion and leave the uber trends to his less capable contemporaries who need the gimmicks?

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