Thursday, February 19, 2015

Ralph Lauren fall 2015

Call it taupe, call it tan call anything you want but call it what it is .. FABULOUS!  Yes, it seems this is the same reaction that this collection elicits from me every season but it must be said AGAIN.. how can  it be that this man can deliver collections season after season that continue to be fresh chic and so tasty when in actuality there is not much new here.

Ralph Lauren and team have the most uncanny sense of how to make everything old new again and seemingly better than the last time. There are no silly stylist tricks like having the models wear man-brogues so that the clothes look more Celine/ Prada/Chloe trendoid… my bad??  You know of whom I refer here. This is strictly doing what Ralph Lauren does best and never abandoning what he stands for like so many who search every season for a new customer.

Whether it is lace, leather, cashmere, crepe or wool, the look is all his. He manages to incorporate and interpret every trend into HIS look for HIS customer and there are legions of them with good reason. While the world is employing feathers to emphasize evening,  It is Ralph  who ever so casually pairs a feather skirt with a cashmere sweater and the same for a beaded skirt, it is he who shows the power of black on black whether for day or evening in leather or satin and crepe. It is Ralph who manages to show his smoking in yet another incarnation and it is he who so effortlessly offers a whole cohesive look for anytime of the day.

Someone needs to either take lessons from this man or someone needs to explain how this can be. Why is it that none of this looks tired and yet none of it is really new? Why is it that he seemingly doesn’t have to try so hard while so many labor at it and fail? Why is it that his clothes require no explanation to make sense?

PS .. if I was a betting man.. I might say that the fawners will find fault with this and yet drool over so much crap that they think is so new so fashion and will be the markdowns of the future! .. someone might want to rethink this by line … opulent… effortless ... clothes from a master .. Apparently it was erroneously attributed to another designer

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