Monday, February 23, 2015

Burberry Prorsum by Christopher Bailey fall 2015

While Burberry is not a collection that usually ranks too high on my list of favorites, there are times when one must recognize facts. The facts are simply that Christopher Bailey delivered a collection that stands on its own and speaks to the customer who is enamored both by him and the brand.

After seeing countless London  and New York collections that are either totally unwearable, “me too” or abjectly absurd, Burberry Prorsum is a breath of fresh air. This is a riot of pattern, a cacophony of prints and a clangor of color... you get the idea... right? The references and influences are decidedly hippy, 60s and 70s filled with those India block prints as well as some of the more African inspired origins. There are mirrors, fringe galore, ponchos, whip stitching, bandana prints, patchworks and a folkloric bend that reminds one of Valentino. What seems to be happening is that leopard has become a signature of the collection with good reason as I am sure it translates to big numbers.

Brass tacks... no I’m not in love with this collection but it offers such Great Spirit and exuberance that it would be hard to ignore it. Bailey has carved his own path for the brand and it must be working. If you are wondering how all the slip dresses fit in to a fall collection... I haven’t a clue but as far as this once dowdy brand skewing younger... well it does that in spades. One must admit that the fringe got a little out of hand but as whole, this collection will provide HUGE inspiration for the likes of H&M and Zara.

It occurs to me that the accessories have grown exponentially and far beyond the Burberry plaid. As any knowledgeable fashionphile can attest, it is not always the clothes or really rarely is the apparel that drives the brand, so accessories are likely a huge propellant.

Rather than bitch and moan and pull it apart, it is much easier to sit back and say enjoy this for what it is... this is fashion …  pure and simple... right or wrong... Good or bad...

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