Thursday, February 26, 2015

Philipp Plein fall 2015 MFW

Here is what Plein had to say when he showed his last men’s collection……."We are selling, this is the point. If I wasn't selling, then I wouldn't be here. I am not here to please the people of the press…I am a customer boy. I am a working-class hero. I am not here to make you guys happy; I am here to make the customer happy. They pay my bills. They make all this happen."

When a designer reaches this plateau of self-understanding and has the realization that the press really doesn’t matter in the general scheme of things, it is only then that he can truly push forward. It is an extremely rare moment of... Hubris? … Arrogance?? … Or is it just the simple reality that this designer speaks his mind with such candor. KUDOS!! to you for speaking the truth.

It has been said countless times here that press /media acknowledgements and acceptances do not sell clothes. Clothes sell clothes. Plein’s clothes appeal to his clientele and he has the empire to prove it. Success will come to those whose clothes sell and not to those who only get the nod from the so called media elite. It is the consumer who has the final word ... not this or that sunglassed editor or some no clue critic whose resume is either 20 minutes long or never worked a day in their lives in the trenches of fashion.

The bottom line here is that there is a choice for any writer or critic and that is ... do you simply offer a FACTUAL accounting of what you see or do you offer a supposedly unbiased educated assessment/opinion of what you have seen? For decades critics were a somewhat scholarly lot who based their articles on the history of fashion and offered their evaluations and now we have so called critics who are more interested in speaking of the venue, the front row and these misguided and delusional inspirations that bear no relation to a collection. HOLD ON TO THIS THOUGHT!

Here comes PP who says ... you know what .... this is what I do and this is who I am and I wanna have a good time doing it. I tip my hat to you Philipp Plein. The world of fashion could use a hard dose of reality so maybe you are the one to show them the way.

PS.. if you were hoping for a review .. not happening today… this is just a report and an assessment of a man with an unapologetic approach to fashion !

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