Monday, February 16, 2015

Diane von Furstenberg ..NYFW ... fall 2015

No, she may not be the world’s greatest designer and yes she lives on a reputation built from a dress! The most important assets that Diane von Furstenberg possesses are that she is smart, fashion savvy and most of all a merchant.

This is one of those collections that will make registers ring, you remember those yes?? And this is a collection that in its own way plays to many trends on other runways all over the world. Again, she is one smart cookie. She opens the show with the latest incarnation of the that famous wrap dress and it still is head and shoulders over so many  over worked over designed pieces that appear on multiple runways. This might be the ultimate massaging or evolving of a design.

The wrap dress sets the tone and the tone is sexy, fashionable and almost quirky... but in a good way. This is a collection that rarely steps over the top but this season it appears to be a bit more polished, a tad more provocative and even a bit trendier. To my eyes, she has utilized some of the tools given to her from other designers, whether that is polka dots, pin stripes, Liberty type florals or artsy sweaters. Even the lace pieces looked good. In general this was feminine almost to the point of flirty in many parts and it becomes her.

Having met DVF during my career, it is easy to say she is charismatic, droll, full of life and as previously stated... One smart cookie. This is a collection that shows off her brand to its greatest advantage and proves that sometimes, you don’t have to set the world on fire or try to outdo every Tom, Dick and Harry to create a winning collection... you just need to think and be yourself! It is refreshing when a designer is this comfortable in their own skin.

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