Monday, June 1, 2015

A Man's Story .. Salvatore Ferragamo .. Chapter 2

Consider this chapter 2 of a story that began in December of 2014 ( ). This new installment is all about the MTO Driver and the “Ferragamo Escape.” In common parlance this is all about the “made to order driving shoe” and the chance to express your inner “man of the world.”

Today begins an opportunity for men to experience what the women already embraced when Salvatore Ferragamo gave them their option to customize the much beloved and iconic  Vara in 2013. There are now over 100 possible combinations available for your Drivers, including exotics, and I am sure even more possibilities than that which will ensure that your detailing will bear your own particular imprimatur. Whether it be color or skins or the finish of the “gancio” bit, this shoe can become your trademark as well as offer you entry into the world of bespoke footwear. This abbreviated set of circumstances allows futures owner to flex their sartorial muscle. Of course, as with anything, this service comes with a price and that is you must wait 90 days to receive your treasured creation.

You need to think of the habitually chic of the Italianate nature of men’s style and what the jet set represents in the 21st century. In my head there is something about the overwhelmingly chic and polished aura that men like Gianni Agnelli or Marcello Mastroianni radiated in their personae and manner of dress. The MTO Driver can and should be an integral part of that “la dolce vita” fashion attitude that men of that world emitted while being emblematic of the lifestyle they lead.

The newest campaign features photography by Johannes Huebl and featuring Mathias Lauda, race car driver and Alexander Ljung, Sound Cloud founder. Massimiliano Giornetti elevates the collective fashion quotient of the brand with the introduction of this “get away” campaign. Make no mistake, Giornetti continues to enlarge and enhance the presence and vocabulary of this blue blooded name with great confidence and with ever increasing possibilities.

A Man’s Story will be available for viewing at as well as on any of the brand’s digital channels … #ManStory #FerragamoEscape

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