Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Giorgio Armani Spring 2016.. men's

No matter what the so called pandering pundits may say about him, there is one thing you be sure of... he is consistent in his vision especially when it comes to menswear. Without question there will be reviews that say... boring... again? ... Really? … so not contemporary to the time but I say who cares. The clothes are pure unadulterated Armani … lush, soft, and only for those who want to be chic, understated and well-dressed with nary a trend in sight.

The ever so relaxed attitude of the collection in its looser fit, almost absence of color gives the Armani client 100s of pieces that will fit or refresh their ever burgeoning or more probably over grown wardrobe. One can sense the minimalism, restraint and subtlety present in this collection with a total focus on the clothes … unencumbered by tricky styling. These are clothes that last a lifetime, provided you don’t outgrow them and they will never look “out of style.”

When and if you dare to compare Armani to Gucci and the like you will find that one is for the kids or fashion victims who have no taste but oodles of money, but not a shred of self-confidence and the other for those of discerning taste who possess a confidence in knowing they wear the some of the best that men’s fashion has to offer. In a way, to me, the Armani customer is akin to the Hermes customer... he knows what he wears doesn’t scream or yell and will only be noticed by those who are savvy enough to recognize it. Call this if you will... silent signals!

The review is that the collection is all Armani all the way ... no gimmicks... no trying to be of the moment... no nothing except what he does best.. Softly tailored suitings and separates that seduce the wearer.

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